• A map makes exploration simpler in an uncharted land. Like a new city that you visit on vacation. It’s a great feel to sit in a cafe with the map spread out and make plans to travel in the city.
  • Now, this map is just a means to help us get around. A convenient apparatus.It will help us reach our destination quicker.  It gives us a sense of direction. The map is strangely silent about the experiencing of the destination. We all know that feeling- we follow the excellent map and reach the place we want to be at and are completely disappointed with what we find there or in other instances awestruck with the beauty and magnificence of the sight we behold. Sometimes we have followed the map and yet somehow lost our way!
  • As I sit before you at my clinic, I am like your map. As a Fertility doctor, I will lay out the routes in your journey to parenthood. I can make your journey a little simpler and quicker. I try and find newer paths when the old ones don’t lead you to your destination. Sometimes I am the map that will help you very , very quickly and sometimes it’s a bit muddled and slow.
  • A map always helps. To negotiate a road you haven’t travelled to.