Yesterday I wrote about understanding how a regulated, synchronized menstrual cycle was very essential for a conception to occur. I also explained how we could have a more productive day when our day followed a precise structure. I also drew an analogy between the two events , for easy understanding. We all know that sometimes our day can just fall apart- nothing goes as planned . This could happen for any number of reasons, we may wake up late, miss the bus to work etc.. Similarly, inside our bodies, for many reasons the various signals can get missed or jumbled and this can result in delayed menses, irregular menses or any thing similar. The reasons for mis firings of these signals could be an imbalance in the hormones, for example a low thyroid hormone level, it could be a response of a hormone to a stressful situation- a surge of steroids or it could be a disease in the uterus or ovaries. Whatever be the reason, the end result is a lack of an environment that is essential for a healthy pregnancy. In my practice, I have found stress, thyroid abnormalities and an unhealthy body weight to be the most common trigger factors for irregular menses. Each of these factors ultimately prevent regulated formation of healthy eggs and a healthy uterine lining, both factors that are very important for conception. Luckily for us, most of these factors can be dealt with and corrected. So, you see, that pink cycle in that picture? Well, getting on it and cycling your way to a healthy body weight could be the first thing that you could do to set right your inner rhythm.