All of us have seen those kind of days- you know, the ones where we are up on time in the morning, eat, exercise and work on perfect schedule and feel great about how everything fell into place so well. That feeling of ease and comfort makes us feel relaxed and happy. 

It’s probably a similar phenomenon that goes on inside a woman’s body when all the hormones are balanced, the signals to the ovaries and uterus are perfectly timed and the body is in the best possible situation to start a pregnancy .

So what is a perfect menstrual cycle? What makes the rhythm and pace inside the body completely attuned to conception?

There needs to be a communication between the brain, the ovaries and the uterus. The objective of this is to ensure a synchronized growth of a healthy egg, its timely release into the Fallopian tube- a phenomenon called as ovulation and also the development of a healthy, spongy and sticky lining in the uterine cavity. Hormones play a large role in regulating all these events. If the woman were to conceive in that cycle, she will not be menstruating that month onwards. The uterus will be growing to preserve and protect the baby. If there is no conception, then the uterus will shed the lining and it appears as a menstrual flow.

Several reasons could affect these synchronous events. I will write about all that soon. For now, it’s good to understand that just as we get more out of our day when we are sticking to a schedule, something similar happens inside a woman’s body too. There seems to be a great need for a regulated working of different systems to help her increase her chances of conception.Life Clinic Ivf will give you more information on fertility and conception.