As promised, here I am with the second part of my earlier blog . This post will be more specific. It will help you if you are trying to conceive and have been advised treatment.

About 30% of couples who have difficulty conceiving may have test investigations reported as normal. So if you have been in this situation, you may be told that you have “Unexplained Infertility “.

It’s possible that if I were to perform a set of new tests, maybe using latest technology I just might be able to unearth hitherto unseen reasons for the Infertility. The “Unexplained ” factor may find reasons and answers in the future. We can now test minute functions of sperms, body fluids and even test embryos in the IVF lab.

So , coming back to here and now- what is the best way forwards if you have unexplained infertility? Here is what I would do:-

A) Explain to you the benefits of conceiving sooner rather than later. This is especially true if you have been married for over 5 years or if you are over 35 years old. To hasten the process of conception, the treatment could be medications for inducing ovulation, intrauterine insemination or in some cases IVF.

B) If you are uncomfortable with the above suggestions, you would be counseled and encouraged to keep trying to conceive on your own. Weight loss, healthy work-life balance, yoga and exercise will greatly aid conception.

The good news to all of you struggling with the diagnosis of unexplained infertility:-Most couples would get pregnant, especially with some treatment in about 3-4 cycles. 

Those that opt out of a treatment plan will​ conceive too- it may take longer and more persistent efforts, but at least half the couples in this group will see success in 2-3 years.​


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