Our minds can understand facts when they are presented to us with some logic and reason. For instance, we can easily accept the fact that over eating can make us fat. Or the fact that we could become diabetic if we are overweight. And when a blood test shows an elevated sugar level we know that it is a diagnosis for Diabetes. So it’s obvious that we look for proof of a disease or condition via a set of clinical tests and when the test results come out as normal we are reassured that we are healthy and fine. 

So far, so good. Now, this sense of relief may give us no indication of wellbeing in some situations. Yes, this brings me back to a regular day at my fertility clinic.

About 30% of couples who come to a clinic seeking medical help to get pregnant may have absolutely normal clinical reports. And yet they aren’t able to conceive. This is Unexplained Infertility. 

So, what’s Unexplained Infertility all about? I am going to give a little bit of information today and will continue all about it in my next blog page. We need to understand that our bodies are dynamic structures. Blood flows, heart beats , nerve cells fire responses, eggs are released into the Fallopian tube, sperms swim fast towards the eggs and so on…These events need a certain order, a rhythm ,a sequence. It is meant to happen in a very precise way. It is possible that a tiny error can jumble everything and what is meant to be a beautiful symphony can end up as a discordant, broken tune in our bodies.

The manner in which the laboratory conducts tests on fertility hormones or sperm function may really not reflect what really goes amiss within our bodies. Hence we tell you that it could be Unexplained Infertility. 

My next blog will be all about the good news- there is a LOT of it, and how we could help you if that is the diagnosis you have been presented with.