Getting pregnant can sometimes take a long while. The wait to conceiving can be stressful. Meeting the right doctor can help in making a decision.  In my own clinic, Life Fertility Clinic, I help many couples take a step in the right direction.

  1. Are you over 35 years old? If yes, IVF is the best method to help you conceive quickly. The older the age of the woman, the longer it takes to get pregnant. There is a natural drop in fertility that affects all women.
  2. Have you been married for over 5 years? You will probably have been trying to get pregnant for over 2-3 years by now. IVF is your best choice of treatment.
  3. Do you have unhealthy Fallopian tubes?- Healthy and patent tubes are important for conception. If the tubes are blocked or unhealthy you can conceive through IVF treatment.
  4. Does the Semen Assessment report look disappointing?- Very low sperm counts or very poor sperm movement can affect egg-sperm interaction and result in infertility. IVF can help here.
  5. Repeated failure of intra uterine insemination cycles- have you failed to conceive after more than 3 attempts at intra uterine inseminations? There could be subtle defects in egg and sperm transportation. IVF can get you pregnant.
  6. Do you have Endometriosis?- advanced Endometriosis can cause difficulties for conception. IVF is the best way to reduce the time to conception.
  7. Have you undergone several pelvic surgeries?- surgery for Fibroids in the uterus, adenomyosis of uterus or removal of cysts in the ovaries can sometimes reduce fertility. If simple treatment for a year hasn’t resulted in a pregnancy, it’s best to try getting pregnant with IVF.